Job Loss Debt Protection

Financing or leasing a vehicle is a long-term financial commitment. With an understanding that our customers are facing numerous life changes and uncertainty about the future, Richmond Hill Hyundai is pleased to provide complimentary Job Loss Debt Protection on all Finance and Lease purchases.

If you find yourself unemployed for involuntary reasons, outstanding financial commitments like a car loan can cause additional stress and worry. With complimentary Job Los Debt Protection from Richmond Hill Hyundai, you are able to return your vehicle to the dealership and cancel up to $7,500 of debt on the vehicle loan or lease when facing involuntary unemployment.

At Richmond Hill Hyundai, We've got you covered - ensuring that in unexpected job-loss circumstances, your credit rating and personal savings are left intact.

Job-Loss Debt Protection is included with all finance and lease purchases at Richmond Hill Hyundai up to $7,500. If you would like to extend your coverage for the full term of your loan or lease, or enhance your protection for other types unexpected circumstances or life changes, Richmond Hill Hyundai will be happy to work with you to provide you with coverage that fits your needs.

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