Hyundai Genuine Accessories


Whether you've recently purchased a vehicle, and feel that something is missing, or have been driving your Hyundai for years, Richmond Hill Hyundai is happy to help you find the perfect accessories for your car. 

Contact a Richmond Hill Toyota Parts advisor to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your floormats, windshield wipers, or any other accessories.  

From now until December 20th, 2020, get 15% off Hyundai Accessories at Richmond Hill Hyundai*

Premium All-Weather Floor Liners - Starting from $211.50

Floor Liners help keep the interior of your vehicle clean, and better retain it's value. Dirt, Mud, Snow and Salt all find a way into vehicles throughout the year. 

Premium All-Weather Floor Liners for your vehicle are custom-designed to your Hyundai for a perfect fit, providing better coverage than cloth floor mats. 

In addition to being a perfect fit, Premium All-Weather Floor Liners are made from a non-slip, durable material to last as long as your vehicle. 

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Richmond Hill Hyundai  - broken image

Steel Wheels - Starting from $452.20

Steel wheels aren't only a lower cost option for mounting your Winter Tires on, they are also a stronger and more durable choice. 
While it is always an option to swap the tires on your wheels for the different seasons, having a separate set of Steel Wheels for your Winter Tires will help keep your factory Alloy wheels in good condition when driving in less-than-ideal conditions. 

Premium Beam Wiper Blades - Starting from $36

Premium Beam Wiper Blades from Hyundai are designed as one piece, which means that they do a better job of making contact with the windshield across their entire length to provide you with better visibility in rain, hail, sleet, or snow.  

Wiper Blades degrade over time, which means replacing them periodically will provide you with the best visibility. 

If your wipers are squeeking, leaving streaks, or not doing a good job of cleaning your front or rear windshield, contact Richmond Hill Hyundai for the best choice of wiper blade for your vehicle.  


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Richmond Hill Hyundai  - broken image

3M Hood Protector Film- Starting from $136.45

Every Hyundai vehicle has a paint coating intended to protect your vehicle from dirt, debris, and other damage. 

3M Paint Protection film, which goes on clear helps to protect the layers of paint and clear-coat on the hood of your vehicle where it is most likely to get damaged from road hazards. 

Contact Richmond Hill Hyundai to inquire about protecting your investment with 3M Paint Protection Film. 

Touch-Up Paint Pens - Starting from $13.23

Small scratches, or chips in the paint of a vehicle can stand out. Left alone, a scratch or chip can lead to surface rust, and lower the value of your vehicle.  

A Hyundai Touch-Up Paint Pen is colour-matched to your vehicle's factory paint colour, meaning that it will match and blend in better than any aftermarket options. 

Contact a Richmond Hill Hyundai Service Advisor for a paint-pen that exactly matches your Hyundai.

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*Electronics and Alloy wheels not included in promotion.