How to Charge a Hyundai EV

Trip Planner

ChargeHub App

The ChargeHub app has a built in trip planner where you can build your road trip, taking into account the distance between charging stations and elevation changes.

Build your trip directly in the iOS or Android app, or, build it on the ChargeHub web map and save it to your profile for later use on your phone.

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Wall Plug

Your Hyundai comes with a Level 1 charging cable which can plug into any standard 110-120 volt outlet.

When visiting friends and family you can always plug in one of their outdoor outlets to gain useful range while away from home.



Your Hyundai may charge up to 5x faster on public Level 2 stations than on a 120V outlet.
Your Hyundai is compatible with all public stations with an SAE J1772 connector.
Public Level 2 stations can be found almost anywhere and will typically fully charge your Hyundai in a few hours while you are doing something else at the destination (shop, restaurant, work, movies, etc)

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If your Hyundai is equipped with a Level 3 DC Fast Charging port, it can recharge at public Level 3 stations equipped with a CCS connector.
Level 3 charging is the fastest form of public charging and can replenish your Hyundai’s battery up to 80% in under 1 hour.
Due to the tens of thousands of dollars in purchasing cost and the installation complexity, Level 3 charging stations are typically found along highways, in cities, and at commercial locations. This is not something a homeowner would typically install.