Why buy a Demo? 

Simply put, a Demo vehicle allows you to purchase a new model year vehicle for a lower price than if it were purchased as a new vehicle. 

What is a Demo Vehicle?

A demo vehicle is a new model year vehicle that has been driven to accumulate more kilometers than a fully new vehicle. Usually, these vehicles were used for test drives, service shuttles, or for other purposes that a dealership may need to use a vehicle in their daily operations. 

What is the advantage of a Demo Vehicle? 

Although technically a used vehicle, a Demo vehicle is generally eligible for New car incentives that would not be otherwise avaialble on a used car. Additionally, these cars don't include Freight charges that would apply for a new vehicle. 
Because of a demo vehicle has been used, and has more kilomters on it, it is a lower cost than a brand-new vehicle. However, the mileage is typically quite low. The previous use of a demo vehicle means that the vehicle itself is a lower cost, in addition to the lower cost available from incentives, and from not having to pay freight charges, this means that the vehicle is a lower cost than a brand new vehicle. 
Since Demo vehicles are typically the current, or previous model year, this means that you can have all of the features as a new car, without the additional charges and higher cost.  

Is the warranty still available on a Demo Vehicle? 

A demo vehicle is one which is still under warranty. The caveat being that since the vehicle has been driven previously, the warranty has already started. 
For example, a vehicle with a 5 year, 100,000 km warranty that has been driven for 3 months and that has 3,000 km would have 4 years and 9 months, 97,000 km left on the warranty.  

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