2021 Hyundai Elantra


2021 Hyundai Elantra

The all-new ELANTRA

The all-new Elantra makes a striking entrance with a more aggressive stance. Built with a lower and wider profile, our fully re-imagined Elantra sets a new standard for sportiness in compact sedans. Inside, leading-edge tech and safety help keep you connected and protected.


Our designers have a name for the bold stylings of the all-new Elantra – they call it “Parametric Dynamics”. What that means for you is a striking grille that seamlessly integrates into the headlight architecture and distinctive converging lines along the side, delivering a unique, three-dimensional look.

KEY FEATURES: 17" alloy wheels | LED headlights | LED tail lights | LED side mirror turn signal repeaters | Sleek edged trunk lid | Smart power liftgate


Alloy wheels

Premium 17" alloy wheels, available on the Ultimate model, add to the Elantra’s bold and confident stance. Sleek air-curtain intakes on each side of the front bumper help reduce air turbulence around the front wheels for enhanced fuel efficiency.


Sleek edged trunk lid

Rounding out the bold style is the sleek-edged trunk lid with an integrated tail light design, delivering a unique impression from the rear.


The cockpit-inspired, wraparound design in the all-new Elantra elevates your drive. The sleek touch-screen display is tilted 10 degrees towards the driver, giving better sightlines and access from behind the wheel.

KEY FEATURES: Heated front and rear seats | Heated steering wheel | 8-way power driver’s seats with 2-way lumbar support | Dual-zone automatic climate control | Power sunroof | Interior ambient lighting


Heated front and rear seats

Standard heated front seats help you keep warm on cold winter days. Your rear-seat passengers will also thank you for the luxury of available heated rear seats.


Heated steering wheel

Enjoy the comfort of an available heated steering wheel.


The features offered in the all-new Elantra are nothing short of impressive. When you step inside — using the available proximity key, of course — you are greeted by a sleek, available digital gauge cluster flowing into the available 10.25" touch-screen display. Add in the available wireless charging pad and the available Bose® sound system, and you’ll know what we mean by “transform your drive.”

KEY FEATURES: Standard 8.0" touch-screen display | Available 10.25" full digital instrument cluster | Available 10.25" touch-screen navigation display | Standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ with available wireless connectivity | Available Bluelink® connected vehicle system | Available wireless charging pad


Touch-screen displays

An available high-definition, full-colour 10.25" touch-screen with navigation system, the largest screen in its class, showcases information and entertainment brilliantly and beautifully. Seamlessly access Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ smartphone connectivity and the Bluetooth® hands-free phone system. The screen can be split three ways to show your preferred information all at once.


10.25" full digital instrument cluster

The available 10.25" full digital instrument cluster delivers an impressive digital interface, with all the info you need on an advanced high-resolution screen with colour.


Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

Standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ smartphone connectivity lets you access your favourite mobile apps – music, maps, messages and more – seamlessly and safely through voice commands and the touch-screen display. Essential, Preferred and Ultimate models feature convenient wireless connection, no cable required.


The standard Smartstream 147 horsepower/ 132 lb-ft torque 2.0L 4 cylinder engine provides an abundance of power and responsiveness.


Standard Smartstream 2.0L engine


Standard 6-speed manual transmission


Available Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission


Our suite of available Hyundai SmartSense™ safety features include a range of camera, radar and motion detection technologies to provide you with added peace of mind.


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection

This available safety innovation detects rapid closing distances to the vehicle ahead and pedestrians in your path. If a potential forward collision is detected, audible and visual warning notifications will alert the driver. If the driver does not react to avoid impact, the system can apply emergency braking under certain conditions.

FCA with Pedestrian Detection, Cyclist and Junction-Turning Detection

This available safety innovation detects rapid closing distances to the vehicle ahead, pedestrians in your path and, when equipped, cyclists. If a potential forward collision is detected, audible and visual warning notifications will alert the driver. If the driver does not react to avoid impact, the system can apply emergency braking under certain conditions. This advanced technology also includes an available junction-turning component to help make left turns at an intersection safer.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist

Start drifting outside of your lane without signalling and this available system is designed to inform you with audible and visual cues. If no action is taken, Lane Keeping Assist can apply corrective steering assistance to help keep the vehicle within the lane markings.

Driver Attention Warning

Designed to detect the onset of driver fatigue, this available system will monitor driver input and issue a visual and audible alert if fatigue is sensed, suggesting a driving break.

Highway Driving Assist with Highway Auto Curve Slowdown

When actively engaged with both Adaptive Cruise Control with traffic stop and go and Lane Following Assist, this semi-autonomous driving technology helps keep you centred in your lane and travelling at a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead, can help ensure you drive at the specified speed limit and can also automatically slow down the speed of the vehicle before entering a highway curve section for extra safety.

Adaptive Cruise Control with traffic stop and go

The available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system takes basic cruise control to the next level of convenience. Set your pre-determined speed and distance to the vehicle ahead, and ACC will automatically adjust your speed to maintain the set distance. The system will even operate in stop-and-go traffic, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop when necessary and then resuming automatically.


High Beam Assist

Using the front-mounted camera and light detection technology, available High Beam Assist provides an extra level of convenience by automatically switching between high and low beams when traffic is detected ahead.

Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist – Reverse

Back into a parking spot with confidence. This available feature will provide an audible warning if the rear of the vehicle gets too close to an object. As the vehicle approaches closer to the object, the warning sound will increase in frequency. If the vehicle is not stopped, the system can apply automatic braking to help avoid hitting the object.


Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist

Available Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance-Assist not only uses radar to detect when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot, but will also help avoid a collision by gently applying brake power on the opposite tire to help deter an unsafe lane change.

Rear Occupant Alert

As the engine is turned off, a visual warning in the instrument cluster and audible alert reminds you to check the rear seats before exiting.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist

When reversing out of areas with low visibility, this available system warns the driver if a vehicle approaches from either side. It can also apply the brakes automatically under certain conditions if no action is taken.



At the core of the Elantra is the SUPERSTRUCTURE™, a state-of-the-art platform built with our very own Advanced High-Strength Steel to deliver exceptional stiffness and strength. In the event of a collision, the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ helps protect occupants inside the vehicle by absorbing harmful energy and redirecting it away from the passenger compartment.

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